Monday, December 13, 2010

reverb 12 - To do or not to do

It's kind of interesting that a reverb post about action would fall on my one month blogiversary. I am the queen of action. My ideas become things very quickly.
  • Start a blog - done.
  • Have a post-traumatic breakdown - find a psychiatrist, get involved with an amazing specialized centre - done
  • Want to complete my first triathlon this year - join a tri-club that starts in the new year - done, and have already become their volunteer communicator before it even starts up the season.

However, there's a down side to this too.
  • Went on leave from work to get rest after breakdown - but took laughter yoga and water colour classes... and when those were finished, joined a choir and started pottery lessons - oh, while upgrading my math at the same time and volunteering once or twice a week.
  • Started a blog and wanted to break intensive tv habit - but joined in on intensive monthly projects: Art Every Day Month in November, followed by reverb in December.
  • Come January, step back into the waters gently after leave with two classes and flexible work only - but already signed up for year long Project 365 and Creative Every Day, an online experimental art course, plan to turn Drawing Lab's 52 assignments into a weekly project, oh, and I joined that tri-club.

See a pattern? It's clear that taking action is not an issue for me. Embracing inaction is what's proving to be more difficult.

I've had a little kick in the pants the past few weeks though. As some of you might know, my back has been a bit of a squeaky wheel lately. There's concern that I may have a stress fracture in my mid-back, gulp. I'm sure it's nothing, but it's given me pause, creating reason for me to slow down and take a look at how to fit more inaction into my day.

Thanks to daily book reviews by S. Krishna there is a pile of books now by my bed... novels, lovely, indulgent fiction. These types of books become easily forgotten when I'm in school, or getting too busy. So while I'm tending to my tender back, I'm reminding myself to spend lots of time curled up in bed doing nothing except reading a book for fun. And I will carry this into the new year, as I take on new busy-making projects (and hopefully not because I've been medically ordered to do so, fingers crossed). Here's to finding room in my day, every day, for inaction!

reverb 12
Action. When it comes to aspirations, its not about ideas.
It's about making ideas happen. What's your next step?


Christine said...

Great take on this post. I'm with you on this one. It usually takes a cold or flu to get me to stop and just flake out.

Shannon said...

I like the way you turned this into what you NEED. Listen to your body - it always knows best! Best of luck, S

KandiceNa'Te said...

I love that you wrote this. Sometimes doing nothing is the best thing to do :-)

JamericanSpice said...

Love the song.

Glad you will listen to your body and just rest. Sometimes we need to do that.

Enjoy the rest of your week!

Stacy Uncorked said...

Glad you're paying attention to your body and what you need...((HUGZ!!))

Love the song, too! :)

MMMM: Box of Rocks

eof777 said...

Stopping by and following your blog from the Meet Me Monday blog hop...
Have a happy holiday season!

Ms Bibi said...

Love the song....great choice.

Doing nothing it's hard for many, but sometimes it's the best we can do for ourselves.

rayfamily said...

Great post! I look forward to reading more. Take care of yourself!

Chase Night said...

Great post! I should make a list like this too. I've def took on too many actions at the end of this year!

Alison said...

There are definitely two sides to all aspects of ourselves. Inaction is not always an evil. Rest up and enjoy. Good luck with your triathlon-ing! I am a runner and will be doing a half-marathon in June.

P.S. Thx for the tune

Xmas Dolly said...

I'm glad you decided to come join us. That's an awesome video you have chosen to share with us. I surely hope you join us again next week too. You take care of yourself. Remember whenever one door closes another opens, and everything happens for a reason. God bless. HAPPY HOLIDAYS! HAVE A GOOD ONE! I'm your newest follower. Real nice to meet you!

Emily said...

Wow- your list overwhelms me! I applaud you for being able to fit in several great things:) The breakdown, though unfortunate, seems like it may have provided you some real time to digest and process through different creative outlets. Kudos for taking such initiative to work through things! You are inspiring:)

Creatively Sensitive said...

Emily, my list overwhelms me too :)

That's why I'm trying to take better care of myself, listening to my body while it's still quiet, before it needs to turn up the volume and give me a physical reminder. Seems to be the consensus from all you wonderful well wishers.

A big warm welcome to all the new visitors who stopped by today!

Lorie Shewbridge said...

So glad you are going to take care of yourself, if you don't take care of you, then you'll be no good to anyone.
I love the song you chose for this week, it is beautiful.
I can't wait to see what you chose next Monday.

Jen said...

awesome post. triathlon? I am so inspired, except I can't swim. I want to run a half marathon and I am terrified. I sort of had a depressive breakdown this past year so I get this. I am glad I found your blog. Thanks for sharing this too.