Monday, December 20, 2010

reverb 20 - Making Music

The reverb prompt came in and I could feel myself making a sour face. The word "should" really irks me. There were a lot of big things I "needed" to do this year, and I did them: left my job, changed my degree studies, etc. On a lighter note though, (rewriting the prompt in my head) there is something I did "less of" in 2010 that I would like to do "more of" in 2011. Play guitar.

My excuse is that I want a new one. I've been playing a classical guitar, that was passed down to me and I cherish it dearly. However, my sweetie plays a steel stringed acoustic and playing his has spoiled me. The narrow neck makes the transitions faster and allows me to challenge myself with tougher chords. Now, we can't both play his guitar when we sing together, so I haven't been playing at all. Makes sense right? No, not really! I'm getting a big laugh out of this right now :)

I guess I can play his when it's just me, for the joy of it, and simply sing with him when he's playing. And play mine for those pretty songs that need a classical guitar. Maybe even learn some songs designed for a classical. Perhaps, down the road, the two of us can jam together, on two guitars. In the meantime, I will dust off these rusty fingers, grab that steel string and nurture another creative aspect of myself.

reverb 20 - Beyond Avoidance
What should you have done this year but didn't because you were
too scared, worried, unsure, busy or otherwise deterred from doing?
(Bonus: Will you do it?)


Julie Jordan Scott said...

I am grateful you re-worked the prompt and made it work for you. And here, here for what you have done this year and can't wait to hear how the guitar playing goes for you.

I am humming along here in Bakersfield, can you hear me?

My Day 20 Check in...

Cinderita said...

You make music in your beingness so although having a guitar you can play all the time would be great, but know that you make music just by being.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful! I know a lot of Reverbers are having trouble digging deep into the prompts because many of them bring up similar issues, but you totally came up with great new material--reminded me that I *should* (that pesky word) be playing my violin!

Madeleine said...

Excellent! I love it. I tried to listen and comment this morning but nothing loaded.
Glad I stopped by again :O)

Shannon said...

Oh, I envy this so much (in a good way)! As much as I love, love, LOVE music- I don't have the gift in any sense of the word. I can listen and sing along in a horrible off-key voice, but that's about it! I tried to learn the clarinet in the 5th grade and couldn't read the notes. I've played rockband once and horribly embarrassed myself by failing in seconds. How is that even possible? Oh well!

So, good for you to pick it back up again - I can only imagine losing yourself in playing an instrument must be the best feeling.

Jenn said...

I really need to add "learn how to play the ukulele" to my list. I received one as a gift earlier this year and I haven't learned how to play it. I strum it every now and then, but I'm pretty sure it sounds horrible.

JamericanSpice said...

Glad you are dancing along with us. I love that you got this to work for you.

I'm also your new blog follower.

Merry Christmas

Jen said...

now this is cool! I wish I could play!

Stacy Uncorked said...

I think it's cool that you and your sweetie both play guitar - my hubby is an amazing guitar player and I wish I wasn't all thumbs as I'd love to learn to play, too! :) Wouldn't it be cool if you found a new steel string acoustic under the Christmas tree this year? ;)

LOVE the song choice! :)

MMMM: Christmas Fun

Peggy said...

This is cool, I had forgotten how beautiful guitar music alone, really is!
Thank you for sharing.
He's hoping you get a new quitar for Christmas.

Xmas Dolly said...

Beautiful, and nice choice! Thanks for playing along with us today. Merry Christmas to you, and yours. Hope to see you next week too. HAPPY HOLIDAYS

Classic NYer said...

Wow... there's something so sweet about this guy's singing... and I'm loving the little addition to the story at the end. :-)

Creatively Sensitive said...

@Julie- I can hear you, and I'm sending wishes for happy book writing

@Cinders - You are so sweet to me... and now you've got me pondering my musicness :)

@Abby - Does your violin bring you joy? If it does, then by all means pick it up more often. Perhaps you could video something and post in on your blog so we can share in it too ;)

@Madeleine - thanks for coming back. I do love this version. And thanks for introducing me to Musical Mondays!

@Shannon - I do love that moment when you hit a song just right and climb right into it. It doesn't happen that often since I don't have your gift for remembering lyrics.

@Jenn - check out Ingrid Michaelson and Jason Mraz playing You and I on youtube. A totally fun and easy song to start learning with?

Creatively Sensitive said...

@Jamerican - Welcome! It can be pretty fun around here sometimes :)

@Jen - maybe you could? You are definitely artistic, as witnessed in your photos

@Stacy - sometimes it's great just to listen. You can pretend that your hubby is your back up band...;) It would be awesome if there was under the tree... I don't how he would hide it... Regardless, whatever is under there will feed my artistic soul in some way I'm sure.

@Dolly - thanks for corralling us all :) Happy Holidays to you and I'm looking forward to the next

@Classic NYer - I'm really glad you picked up on that! That's exactly why I chose this one :)