Image source - Cinderita :)

Inspired by my lovely friend Rita, who recently accepted that her core essence is Love, I've come to realize that mine is Joy! It's what I seek out for myself, encourage others to find for themselves, and hopefully what people feel from being around me.

The request I put out to you is to send me pictures of Joy! Interpret it how you like. Pictures, or pictures of art projects, that show people experiencing Joy, that depict something that brings you Joy, or anything that just represents Joy to you.

Where to? creativelysensitive (at) gmail (dot) com
(you could also send me the embed code from flickr, etc, which might be easier to direct link)

Here's a couple I've found to inspire you... enJOY!

Hubbard Street Dance Chicago's Resident Chihuahua, Lillie - sporting a tutu!

One I took today, of my ever growing art journal


For the month of January, 2011, I ran a JOY Photo Contest. Entry closed on January 31st, which was followed by a week of voting, by you! The winner received an 8x10 print of a photo in my collection. 

Congratulations Mynx!
Thank you for sharing your joy with us!

Learning to Belly dance.
"Everyone I show this picture tells me they see joy. 
I was probably the happiest that I had been for a while".


 The entries to my first ever photo challenge! Sit back and enjoy some JOY!

Emily - Broke Down Artist
Love hearts for her son
"I always put together a little Valentine's package for my favourite twelve year old, and this year, I thought I'd "pad" it with little puffy home made hearts. It was just the trick to brighten my spirits".

Terah - Cowgirl Red
Puncher - Bringing back a stick

"She had just got a cast off her leg a few days before".

The Adventures of Cinderita
Me and my monkey
"Auntie Rita and (nephew) having a ball!
Not sure who is having more fun in this photo".

Sewing a skirt with her daughter
(Her other little hand is encased in thimbles)
"I made the best sewing memory I’ll have for 2011,
and it’s only 3 days into the new year."

"She has tumors and has been in a lot of pain but in an amazing moment, right at sunset, this old girl got a burst of energy and ran and jumped and played in the sand in a way Brittany has not seen in years."

2010 Vancouver Paralympics
"During the Team Canada welcome ceremony up in Whistler".