Tuesday, December 14, 2010

reverb 14 - More than shelter

What a wonderful time I've been having since the reverb prompt came in last night. My head has been full as I unearth, and pile up, all of the things that I would count myself grateful for this past year. The obvious would be my amazing mister, to whom I've already written a tear-inducing tribute. And all the dear people who have offered me support and understanding since The Breakdown. And my new found creativity, which I speak of often, and cradle closely to me like a baby deer on wobbly legs. I am so very grateful to have had two visits from my parents this year, one from each set :) The excitement of a new career path, this blog and the inspiring people I have met as a result... the list just keeps going on, and on... and on :)

Now let me tell you what I decided on for the top of the heap, that which I am most appreciating. Something I haven't talked about repeatedly, yet. My apartment. My home. My safe haven.

Maverick and I moved in together this past May. It was a lot of work weeding and packing two apartments, and then our first month here was, well, hell. It was all worth it. Though this may not be the first time that I have co-habitated with a partner, it's definitely the first place that has felt like "our" home. We have big comfy couches, a fireplace, Maverick's art collection, my arrangement of our combined furniture (a couple of pieces have been in our families for years) and my knack for organization of all things storage related. There was a recent addition of an art table/breakfast nook overlooking the balcony. There are no roommates, no-one living above us, and not much noise at all. Sometimes we meditate just by sitting and watching the leaves of the trees move, just outside the living room window. It feels cozy, and warm, and home.

The reason I am so grateful for this is because it has become my ground zero. After The Breakdown I came to appreciate having a safe space, where I could cocoon. A friend of ours helped us put up a black-out blind in the bedroom, and I took comfort in knowing that I had somewhere to go if I wanted complete darkness and silence. I worked with someone around my reluctance to leave the apartment at times, and came to understand that I was merely trying to protect my over-worked nervous system. Which brought forgiveness for myself, and a full embrace of this familiar place. It has become my place of healing. The base camp to return to after the adventures of the day.

How do you show an apartment your appreciation? How do you show it your gratitude for offering you more than just shelter? By sharing it. We have hosted our families for dinners and our friends for brunches. There has been guitars playing, singing, dancing, board game nights, a costume party, and whole lot of love and laughter. The bonus? All of these things make it feel even more like home.

reverb 14
What's the one thing you have come to appreciate most in the past year?
How do you express gratitude for it?


Robin said...

That really is a blessing.

Shannon said...

Absoltely lovely. I love what you chose, and what it symbolizes. Kudos to you for all you have done to come back from the edge. You are a testament to the healing power of art and writing.

Emily said...

What a beautiful, beautiful song for such a moving and symbolic post. You guys built a cocoon for you to heal- that is some Love, right there. I am so glad that you have that!

amanda said...

love it!

Yvonne said...

Love it! It's a wonderful way to celebrate your safe haven! Glad for your many, many, "gratefuls"! :)

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful response to your safe haven--to use it for others! Now if only I could master that.

I love how all these prompts are interconnected. I wrote about my own home for Day 6: http://leviathanamours.blogspot.com/2010/12/day-6-of-reverb10-make.html