Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Seven More Sleeps!

I took a step today. Out the doors of the office I have been working in for the past seven months. I'm ready for what's next. My transition phase is over. The butterfly emerges from the chrysalis. From here on out, if anyone asks me what I do for a living, there is only one answer. I am a photographer.

And in one week, I will be immersed in my studies!! I get to spend my entire days for the next ten months learning about something that I absolutely love! At some point in my life, I picked up a story that work needed to be hard, and not fun. Yippee! I'm glad I let that one go!!

Stayed tuned as I check in and post my work. I imagine a Professional Photography program will have some very interesting, creative and challenging assignments :)

Check me out (Bright Point Photography) on Facebook in the meantime!


Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Big News!

Wow, it's been a while since I've written here! I've been busy building my dreams :)

Remember how I told you that my sweetie and I were starting a photography business? It's happening! We put the structures in place, booked our first client for this fall, and then got our feet wet (figuratively and literally :) at a friend's wedding two weeks ago. We're having a blast with this! I've learned that I could sit in front of Lightroom all day (or night) editing photos without noticing the time fly by. I love it!

Here's the other big news. I'm going to school this fall! Full time, for ten months! And I've chosen to focus on one thing I love - photography! The program is amazing and exciting and two of my favourite wedding photographers are graduates. Throw your heart over the mountain, I say! It's going to be a lot of fun chasing after it :)

Oh, and here's a little treat for you! A fabulous slide show compilation of our wedding in June. It really captures the fun and energy of our day. Big thanks to Mark Creery Photography

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Future Paths

Hi! I've missed you!

My news for today, well I have a few pieces for you.

First, I didn't get into the Bachelor of Fine Arts program at the university here in my town. This year. I was sad. And then I got really clear that this is what I want. And, over the past couple of weeks since, I've realized a couple of other things too. That I played it safe and small with my portfolio submissions, even though I was told that the school was looking for contemporary images. The other is that I have other options available to me, now that I have a year to work on my portfolio. At the moment, I am considering a one year visual arts certificate, followed by a two year graphic design program. I know! So fun!

Second, my sweetie and I have been talking seriously about starting our own photography business. He's been such a champion of my art and my photography, and his creative side grows bigger everyday. Sorry, let me correct myself. We aren't talking about it, we are taking action on it. Making it happen. Now, to get past being stuck on a company name...

Here's some pics I took a few weeks ago at the resort we will be married at... in less than 4 weeks!!! We were practicing our professional skills on our friends who came to visit the resort with us. (aka, chasing them around with our cameras like a couple of paparazzi :)

Trial Run

Trial Run

Trial Run

I can totally see these as engagement photos, or wedding photos.

It's been fun, we've been hitting up outdoor events and acting like we were hired to be there. It's great practice and a chance for both of us to get comfortable with the idea that

Oh, one more piece of news. I am starting an etsy shop to sell prints of some of my photos! I've created my store, I'm getting my paypal account all linked up and then I will have to choose which pics to post first. I will probably put up about 10 to start.

I would love your feedback!!! What are your favourites of my photographs?? Check out my flickr stream through one of the pics above, or one of the slide shows on the right.

And my question for you today, what paths are you adapting?


Sunday, April 17, 2011

I (Heart) Learning

Today I learned how to make a watermark in photoshop! One of my goals that I committed to completing this week was creating a logo for my photos. I was at the lake today, in the gorgeous sunshine, with my swanky new-ish camera, snapping away, soaking up the incredible colours of the blue sky and new green leaves. So I had a delicious little pile of images to sort and post when I got home.

What better time to take on this task. A quick look on google and YouTube and I was good to go. AND, I unintentionally learned how to use Actions in Photoshop! Finally! My world just got a whole lot bigger :)

Here is my one of my favourite images from today, with its fancy new watermark.


You can see the rest of the pics from today here:

And, if you want to read a lovely story that will bring spring into your heart, check out S's post today at Thumbin' My Way.

Where are you noticing signs of spring?

Friday, April 15, 2011

Creativity comes in many forms...

Last night, I was at a presentation about Mixed Media Photography. It lit me on fire! This was meant for me! I left as soon as the speaker was finished, at the break, before the Q&A, because I was so excited I couldn't sit still! I needed to tap into my creativity.

As soon as I got home I took action and (finally) signed into the Dirty Footprints Studio's 21 Secrets: An Art Journal Playground. I picked my first mini-workshop (there are 21 to choose from, it really is like a playground!) and almost immediately got present to what stops me. I'm missing some key supplies. Now, this is great, because once you can identify what's getting in the way it becomes a concrete thing you can deal with. So, was this something I could just let go of? Nope. Tried that. Making do wasn't making results. Which means that it's time to come up with a concrete action plan. Proper art supplies is now officially in the budget. Clear that boulder off the road. If I'm taking on these amazing, creative avenues that are showing up as a possibility for me then I need to clear the way. I think I'm getting excited at the idea of facing more obstacles! Bring it, I've got a clearing crew :)

In the meantime, I would love to share with you an incredible local artist, Doug Gilbert, who specializes in Mixed Media/Fine Art Photography. And in sharing some of the work from one of his recent projects, I also get to share a little bit more about me. One of the creative outlets I've really been embracing the past few months is modeling. Check it out:

Now, wrap your head around the fact that these shots are compositions of two or more photographs. I was in a studio that was completely white! Inspiring!

All right, it's time for the Question of the Day! Inspired by the YouCube Art project that you too could get involved with :)

What stops You? A blank page, an inner critic?
And, can you see any new solutions now that you've identified this?

Hugs and heart,

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Wishcasting Wednesday

What Do You Wish To Read?

This was the question on Jamie Ridler's page today! This is relevant to me for two reasons. First, because I made my way home this afternoon on the verge of finishing YES MAN (I am one of those people who walks and reads when it gets really good). Second, because when I did get home there was a new pile of books my sweetie ordered about Photography, as a business! There's a particularly yummy one on Wedding Photography. The fun part will be getting through that one with a dry eye. I've had a browse through it already and every time I saw a picture I really liked I imagined myself in that moment, and bam! The tears welled up. I get really excited at the idea of shooting weddings, because once mine passes in June there will still be many more to be involved with in the future.

Another question that I've been spending time thinking about lately is What is the Purpose of my Blog? I've come to realize that I value community, and I want to make a difference and contribute to this incredible community I am a part of here. You were all so warm and supportive when I was getting back on my feet, and you continue to encourage my creativity. I want to give back. So, on the topic of furthering business I would love to share with you two fellow bloggers.

Jodi at Living Life Photographically has had her photos up on etsy for a little while. What she's doing now is adding her photos, or yours, to glass jewelry. Really cool!!
pendant brooch

Emily at Broke Down Artist has started selling her wood block prints on etsy! Check them out:

phrenHead womanwild

So I guess it will be my turn next. I am gladly welcoming input and feedback on where people are posting their photos or art for selling. Etsy? Flickr? Something else? Pros and cons? Please share!

And I would love to hear what you are reading, or what's next on your reading list. And what you're doing to create or further your business!

Hugs and heart,

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Getting Caught Up... and more exciting news!!

I am so proud to say that I am completely caught up on my 365 photos on Flickr! It shifted from this thing that I HAD to do, to a task I couldn't wait to do. My plate is still quite full (though I am happy to say I've a let a couple of things go) and instead of spending the bulk of my time thinking about and creating reasons not to do what's on it, I just get it done. Those tasks and actions don't get in the way of my life, as I had previously convinced myself. They are my life. And I'm choosing to live it fully! :)

So, let's get on with the show. There are two new creative tools (toys) in my life.

First. A new phone. A phone? Yep. With an 8 megapixel camera in it!!! How fun is that?! Now I can take pictures on the fly and keep up with 365. Check out some of these that I've just posted...

New Phone with a fun camera! Mar.26/11 85.365 93.365
90.365 94.365
(You can click through to see them on Flickr :)

It's so great to be able to reach out and grab those fleeting moments when you're simply going about your day. Plus the camera feature has fun effects for shooting and editing! And super easy for uploading.

That would have been plenty exciting all on its own.

Then I got home from a workshop on Wednesday night, and Jon surprised me with an early wedding present. A Nikon D5000!!!!! My very first Digital SLR!!! I'm tearing up again just thinking about how grateful I am to have someone who fully supports my creative drive and desire. And wants to do whatever he can to help me soar with my dreams.

The camera is so light! And boy oh boy, the clarity of the pictures is incredible! Check it out!


I am really excited by the possibilities this camera creates for me! More learning, and maybe some earning :)

And I'm really enjoying being here, and being part of this wonderful community again.

Here's some questions for you I'd love to hear the answers to! What are your favourite creative tools? Who are your greatest supports in making your dreams a reality?

Hugs and heart,