Thursday, December 2, 2010

Simple moments

Last night I had a moment I want to celebrate. I was standing in a small room, singing my heart out, surrounded by people who were giving their time for an amazing cause. This was a rehearsal for a Christmas caroling choir that raises funds for children and families who might not otherwise have a Christmas celebration. A new girl in my Tuesday noon choir suggested I come and check it out, and she and another recruited noon choir member were the only familiar faces in the room.

As I'm bopping to my favourite holiday tunes, looking around at all the people I'm sharing a collective voice with, it hit me. I had brought myself here, almost without thought. There was no anxiety, no waffling, no resistance, no avoiding, no talking myself out of it. I just did what most people did, got in the truck and went. Hoorah! What an accomplishment! It may seem like a small or simple thing... and to me it's much bigger.

I hereby promise to revel in this moment and not expect myself to do this every day or every time. I promise to remain understanding and forgiving when there are times that it doesn't come so easily. I promise to be hopeful, and look forward to experiencing this again, buoyed by the knowledge that I can.


Robin said...

Great story. Go you!

I just wanted to also let you know that I do this weekly event called HERE'S TO YOU THURSDAY. I dedicated videos on Thursdays to the people I follow (at random) and this week I dedicated something to you. I hope you like it! Happy Thursday!

Yvonne said...

That's awesome! Yay for you!

Creatively Sensitive said...

Thanks Yvonne!

Robin - your song choice was absolutely perfect. It brought tears to my eyes. Thank you for thinking of me.