Sunday, December 26, 2010

Alphabet Soup - F is for Festive

Thought I would sit down this afternoon and share with you some of the highlights of the festivities the past few days. This has been possibly the best Christmas ever :)

Christmas Eve Eve
  • All the chores were done, there were fresh sheets on the bed, and there was a sense of calm readiness for the events of the next two days. (Which we had spaced out nicely). We were curled up together on the couch watching our childhood favourite Christmas specials. Claymation Christmas for me, and the original, narrated How the Grinch Stole Christmas for him. We were like giddy kids watching them again. This was probably one of my top three "it's all good" moments of 2010.
Christmas Eve
  • I carried that calm into the next day. Dropped the mister off at work and sought out a mailbox to send off my (very first!) finished art trading cards. From there I was headed to the country market to get stocked up on lovely meats, and groceries for the holidays. I decided to take the extra long way along the water. It was super windy and the waves were throwing themselves against the shore and clawing at the breakwater. There was one spot where you would get hit with water, like the ill aimed sprinkler you have to dodge on the sidewalk in the summer. Except I thrilled in the sound of the water spraying the truck as I drove through. On the drive I was rewarded with beautiful views of snow capped mountains, quiet roads, and a deer meandering through a residential neighbourhood.
  • Finished making my sweetie's hand made presents, and we had a secretive wrapping party when he got home. Speaking of secretive, found out that we're spending a couple of nights away this week. All I know is that the place has a hot tub, possible water views, and a kitchen of course.
  • After dinner, had a lovely time visiting and exchanging presents with the mister's dad and step-mom, and then curled up and watched Christmas Carol when we got back home. Found an email of pictures of a freshly made snow angel beforing retiring to bed, very happy. (More please :)
Christmas Day
  • Had trouble sleeping in... wonder why? ;P Enjoyed a lazy Christmas morning in pjs, just the two of us, mmm... Made the Best baked French toast I have ever made for brunch!!! The first time I had this was at a B&B in California many years ago. I've been fiddling with an allergy safe version this year, and I finally nailed it! (Recipe below).
  • Shared Christmas cheer with my family back east, via phone.
  • Went to the park and played tourist at home, photographing peacocks, squirrels and ducks
  • Enjoyed a lovely Christmas dinner hosted by the mister's sister. If you're wondering how I did dinner, I brought a lidded casserole filled with roast chicken from the night before, steamed broccoli, and baked potatoes topped with carmelized onions. Warmed it in their oven and it was delicious. This way I still able to enjoy the company of family coming together for a meal.
Boxing Day
  • Slow get up this morning :) Woke up thinking it was Monday. Wow, the realization that my sweetie is still on holidays for five more days was delicious. Had a wonderful chat with my bestie back east, and I'm feeling much more resolved about my plans for the New Year. Swapped out the Christmas cds with some weekend jazz, and made pancakes for breakfast, drool...
  • Plans for the day hopefully include a walk at the lake, and a skate tonight on a refrigerated rink under a spectactular Christmas light display (it's on my list!) :)

reverb 24 -
Everything's OK.
What was the best moment that could serve as proof
that everything is going to be alright?

And how will you incorporate that discovery into the year ahead?

reverb 26 - Soul food.
What did you eat this year that you will never forget?
What went into your mouth & touched your soul?

Baked French Toast
*gluten free, dairy free, soy free, corn free

In a 9x13 glass baking dish mix:
  • 2tbsp grape seed oil,
  • 4 tbsp pure maple syrup and
  • 1 tsp cinnamon.
Arrange 6 slices of thawed Kinnikinnick Candadi bread in the dish.
Let sit for at least 15 minutes.

In a separate bowl:
  • beat 3 eggs,
  • add 6 tbsp of water and
  • 2tbsp of pure maple syrup.
Pour over bread and poke a few holes with a fork in each slice.
Cover with foil and let stand for at least an hour in the fridge.

Bake at 350F for 30-40 minutes.


Noel said...

Yes, everything sounds so ok in this post ... You mentioned the word calm in the beginning, and that key sentiment carried through the whole entry. (It's something so many of us forget this time of year, I wish I had read this last week!) You described each detail perfectly and I get the sense that the calmness you embraced allowed you to enjoy each and every moment of this holiday without rushing to the next one. Beautiful.

Shannon said...

Good for you! Sounds wonderful. (I decided to check it out despite your warning). Don't get me wrong, I envy folks that can enjoy Christmas. Happy boxing day! ;)

Cinderita said...

Your weekend sounds positively fantastic and scrumptious so far. Can't wait to see what you 2 get up to for the next five days. x o

Yvonne said...

Sounds absolutely wonderful! And thanks for posting that recipe, I'm definitely going to try it!

JamericanSpice said...

Sounds like you had a full Christmas holiday with your love ones.

I can imagine that place where the water comes up would be so goood in summer when it's hot!

And you said boxing day!!!!yay! I haven't heard anyone say this in such a long time!

We just got back lastnight from visiting family so it's a lazy day here while the kids enjoy their gifts.

Have a great week!

Anonymous said...

This is...fantastic! I am a teeny little bit jealous but in the Christmas spirit I will let it go and just be thankful I could take refuge in my honey in the midst of my family's usual chaos. :)

Love the cosiness, love how you related it.