Application Time

Oh boy. It's that time. To start collecting up my photos, drawings/paintings and random art pieces... and lay my heart on the line.
Somehow I need to narrow it down to my top ten. It's like being asked to choose favourites amongst your children, or so I'd imagine.

However, I need to learn to play the game, accept the rules, toe the line. I want in! To UVic's Visual Arts BFA program.

And I need your help to select the final cut. Please tell me your favourites. Comments welcome. Honesty appreciated. If you've seen something else you like, in my posts here, or on my Flickr account, let me know!

Here we go...



First Mug

Thrown Bowl

Red Leaf

First Journal Page


Journal Words

Left Handed Portrait

Lake Louise

Oregon Coast


Frozen River


Sea Holly

Hail Storm


Thank you so much for your input and support,
Hugs and Heart,


One more... :)



Emily said...

Okay, here are my votes (if it helps any!):
- Junco
- Apple
- left handed portrait (one of my faves!)
- thrown bowl
- first mug
- Lake Louise
- Sea Holly
- Frozen River (really strong)
- Tulips
- Glass

Good luck getting everything together! You'll be great:):):)

Cinderita said...

Oregon Coast, Lake Louise, Maple Leaf fabulous

B @ Sweet Limes said...

All your photographs are AWESOME, so any or all of those need to get in. Also, your pottery! I didn't know you did pottery girl.....amazing! Junco and carnation are probably my faves in the drawing/painting section, that carnation looks like you can smell it!