Thursday, January 13, 2011

Thursday 13 - Scent-sitive

It's that time of week again. Thursday 13, and today it is actually on the 13th! I think that also means I've been on this train for two months now :) [I changed the design a little to celebrate. Who knows what I will get up to next month!]

Now, on to the task at hand. Y'all know that I'm super sensitive to a lot of foods, alcohol and scents. Well, my super sensitivity, and my super sniffer lead me to wonders too. Foods that I can't eat, I've come to realize, I can still really enjoy the aroma. I've been known to inhale the fragrance wafting from a plate or two when out with friends or family. The same goes for all the yummily fragrant things I used to drink.

So here is a list of thirteen fabulous scents I do enjoy. The idea was brought on by number 13, which led me down many memory paths.

Aromas I partake of through others:

1. Soft baked chocolate chip cookies

2. The chicken curry that my sweetie's dad made for his birthday this year - fragrant coconut, ginger, cinnamon... very satisfying.

3. Freshly roasted coffee

4. Many beverages of the fermented kind: sweet double-casked single malt scotch, vanilla-y cognac, Christmas morning Carolans, Sea Cider's Pommeau that smells like candy apples at the fair, wine - bright whites and deep reds. Thankfully, my sweetie has very good taste in his bevvys. It's funny - I think I actually wrote that on my wish list when looking for him. Appreciates good wine and scotch. Originally, it was so we could enjoy them together. I don't miss them anymore because I have the aroma. And that trip to Napa, was not just for him... such good wines means such good smells - blissed me out too believe it or not.

5. Cigars - something else I use to enjoy. Being allergic to smoke does this one in too. I caught a whiff of one yesterday, and it still mellowed me right out.

Aromas that come from things I do partake in:

6. Roast chicken - this one makes me drool, like Pavlov's dog. My nose knows when food is done cooking.

7. Breakfast foods - pancakes, baked french toast and bacon - the bacon would have to be the turkey bacon I found on our trip to Oregon that I didn't react to. Can we go back to Oregon now?

8. Earth after a rain, especially in the spring

9. The ocean

10. Campfires - almost as good is the smell on your clothes the next day... mmm...

11. Christmas trees, cedar, and the rosemary that grows like hedges along peoples lawns in California

12. My sweetie's skin - curled up falling asleep, first thing in the morning, freshly scrubbed after a shower - I will take it all

13. A freshly opened box of Crayola crayons - the smell reminds me of art and creativity and possibility laden new beginnings.

There you have it. You've just learned something new/interesting/quirky about me?

What is your favourite smell?

[I (heart) Hoops and Yoyo!] :)


Xakara said...

I don't drink coffee but fresh ground beans and fresh brewed coffee are my favorite scents. It's everything good in my childhood distilled into a warm, caffeine-y goodness! I used to go to Alterra Coffee house for cider just so I could take in the scents coming from the grinding and packing section in back while writing. It's a lovely thing!

Chocolate chip cookies and bread of nearly any kind are also great, grounding scents. And rich soil from any source, I don't care if it's potting soil from a bag, if it has that rich, "things can grow here" scent, I'm a fan.

What a great T13!

Happy TT,

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Jen said...

great post....I love hoops and yoyo!!!

your smells are so perfect.

I love the smell of coffee
fresh baked bread
a great tomato sauce
fresh flowers
the smell of my husband

Tina Martin said...

I love the smell of coffee and yes, I am a coffee addict. Nice post.

Noel said...

I get busy and forget about my sense -- thank you for reminding me to "listen" to them! My favorite scents:

-- the air after a lightning strike

-- fresh cut grass

-- smoke from a fireplace on a cold winter night

Creatively Sensitive said...

Thanks everyone for sharing with me :)

@Jen - I challenge you to fit all of those into one day! mmm tomato sauce

@ Noel - Glad to hear it. I was out walking the other day and remembered chimney smoke.

I also remembered sleeping bags, and old school heavy canvas tents. And horse barns. sniiiif, sigh