Friday, January 21, 2011

Back in Gear

As I mentioned on Tuesday, I kind of hit a bump in the road - with the art course I'm taking online. Partly because it was a bit busier around here... and partly because of one of my assignments.

The first step was ridiculous fun. Staining with coffee grounds, and rolling blueberries down my journal page. I could be heard from the other room giggling. I even dribbled beeswax from a candle.

Then I got a little stuck... where to take it from here. I focused in on the clusters created by wax dribbles, which I had removed, and attempted to turn them into flowers. Kind of like a reddish/purply sunflower - I used water colour pencils and oil pastels.

Not happy with how it turned out, I washed over it with blue watercolour paint to create a kind of Under the Sea theme, playing up the blueberry stain.

Finally, (many days later) it hit me what was missing. Bubble wrap and paint splatters :)
Ta dah - the finished product!

Under the Sea

After that adventure, I figured it was time for some minimalism. A paper tearing exercise did the trick.

6 is better than 5

Created very quickly, from scraps left over from my most recent Art Trading Card creations. (Which went in the mail on Wednesday!) This was so fun and liberating to just rip, glue and stick - just like that, no plan, no analyzing :)

Some other exercises appearing in my journal the past couple of days... (Click through to see the full size image).

Blind Contour Palm - Take 1Blind Contour Palm - Take 2
Upside down PicassoSelf Portrait

Happy Friday!

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B @ Sweet Limes said...

That turned out magnificent! It's soft looking and I like the red tones peeking out of the blue. Who knew bubble wrap could save a painting!

Noel said...


Noel said...

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Yvonne said...

That is absolutely beautiful!

Emily said...

I LOVE it! Blueberries- what a great idea:) I love the texture that the bubblewrap created; the light blue color on top of the darker colors really add dimension. Looks like you are having so much fun with all the creative courses you're involved with- yea!!!