Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Creativity Check-In

Hi! What a wonderful day (1-11-11) it's been. So productive. Knocking things off the check list. The past few days I have been feeling pretty fabulous actually, now that I've got my energy back.

Yesterday, the mister and I picked up our fine point sharpies again for our weekly drawing exercise. Blind line drawings of giraffes. What fun!

Here's a fun photo I posted for MCP's Project 52. I love their themes, this week being song lyrics. Oh potted Christmas Tree, how much you grow and make me happy.


I've been working away at my January Art Trading Cards. The assembly and finishing touches on the front came together today. All they need now is the back attached. And then I will have to let them go - rather, give way to their flight to their new owners. :) I wish I could show you the pictures now. Except that would ruin the surprise.

How about some pictures of a doodling exercise I did today for my experimental art e-course. I cracked open my art journal for the first time in over a month, and I am so not afraid of it anymore.



I really got into this, and I'm very happy with how it turned out. How everything turned out today, actually. Oh! Did I mention that I now have a dedicated work space for my art? I've been moving everything on and off the breakfast nook table (frustrating) - and my desk desk in the office, which was meant for school work and computing has been getting none of that action. So voila, desk is now art table and all of my supplies can sit out and be free. Everything is always right at my fingertips. Happy sigh.

Happy creating to all of you. And remember to check out my 365 photo project here, and some creative challenges/giveaways here.


B @ Sweet Limes said...

Isn't it the best to have a space dedicated to your creativity? Perfect! And yay that your fear of your art journal is dissipating, I actually have no fear of mine but have always looked at it as an extension of the writing journal I use, and I've been doing that for years so there's no fear there at all. It's been helpful for me to look at it that way.

Indigene said...

Now that creative voice can bellow out loud with space dedicated to the creativity you have! Cool blog posts!

Tracy said...

Hi from a fellow ced2011!

Yeah your own creative space is the BEST! I love all the creative juiciness you've got goin' on. Your giraffes are wonderful!

Emily said...

Oh, I LOVE it! And those giraffes are too cool:) Yea for creativity and having the space (physical and mental!) to do it!

Robin said...

I love it when things come together. And it is wonderful that your art now has a home of its own.

Heather said...

Happy Creating to you too. You are on a roll! Great Job!!!