Monday, January 17, 2011

Creative and Expressive

This post is a lovely mishmash of many wonderful things.

1. It is a reminder of the creative challenges going down over here in my hood :)

  • An expressive photo/art challenge. I am accepting photos, or photos of art pieces, that express or capture JOY! They can be emailed to me until Jan.31 at I will post them up for your viewing, and voting. The winner will receive... drum roll... one of my photos! (I've received two photos so far!)
  • Creativity Forward challenge. I signed on for a Pay it Forward program through Jodi at Living Life Photographically. The ideas is that the first three people who contact me and request to be involved, by comment or by email, will receive something hand made by me. They then create something handmade for three people, and so on. (There are still two spots left on my dance card!)

2. It is a share of an amazing project I found in my blog wanderings today. A year of expressing and spreading love. Check it out! The Love Project. Super excited! I have a feeling it's going to get ridiculously big!

3. It is my Monday Music Moves Me share. Staying on my theme, of course! :)


JamericanSpice said...

You have alot of creative expression going on here this year.

I've never heard this Madonna! Thanks for the intro.

Thanks for dancing with us this week.

Have a joyful one!

Anonymous said...

Hey! It's Jodi-I still haven't got your address so I can send you your pic from 'pay it forward'
You can send it to my home email: ;0)

Creatively Sensitive said...

@JAmerican - This is the stuff of my middle school years! I was going to bring up some Tiffany, and decided against - that would've been cruel. lol Glad you liked. Her lyrics were so powerful then.

@Jodi - I'm sending it to you now! We were just checking out your etsy shop and I have fallen in love with Fire Flower! Can't wait :)

Mynx said...

Great concept. Loking forward to seeing the contributions

Xmas Dolly said...

Awesome song pick. Love this one to dance too! Thanks for playing along with us this week, and we hope to see you next week too! Following you. Sorry for being so late.

Emily said...

Um- YES! Okay- I definitely want to be a part of this Creativity Pay it Forward. Consider me on your dance card:) I will blog about it this weekend!

Self Sagacity said...

I love Madonna songs, I used to always sing them. She started the fashion trend too, romantic yet bad girl-like.