Sunday, April 17, 2011

I (Heart) Learning

Today I learned how to make a watermark in photoshop! One of my goals that I committed to completing this week was creating a logo for my photos. I was at the lake today, in the gorgeous sunshine, with my swanky new-ish camera, snapping away, soaking up the incredible colours of the blue sky and new green leaves. So I had a delicious little pile of images to sort and post when I got home.

What better time to take on this task. A quick look on google and YouTube and I was good to go. AND, I unintentionally learned how to use Actions in Photoshop! Finally! My world just got a whole lot bigger :)

Here is my one of my favourite images from today, with its fancy new watermark.


You can see the rest of the pics from today here:

And, if you want to read a lovely story that will bring spring into your heart, check out S's post today at Thumbin' My Way.

Where are you noticing signs of spring?


Kelly said...

Gorgeous photo! The watermark lends it a very professional touch!

Cowgirl Red said...

Oh Cat, I just got this big rush of joy in my heart from your photo of the horses and dog. And from reading the joy you found in the process. Xoxoxo. Terah

Cowgirl Red said...

Signs of spring here today....songbirds. Talk about a joyful noise. Terah

Emily said...

Ho. Lee. Shit! That photo is gorgeous!!! You are so incredibly talented. Someone needs to open up an etsy shop to sell their photographs;)