Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Future Paths

Hi! I've missed you!

My news for today, well I have a few pieces for you.

First, I didn't get into the Bachelor of Fine Arts program at the university here in my town. This year. I was sad. And then I got really clear that this is what I want. And, over the past couple of weeks since, I've realized a couple of other things too. That I played it safe and small with my portfolio submissions, even though I was told that the school was looking for contemporary images. The other is that I have other options available to me, now that I have a year to work on my portfolio. At the moment, I am considering a one year visual arts certificate, followed by a two year graphic design program. I know! So fun!

Second, my sweetie and I have been talking seriously about starting our own photography business. He's been such a champion of my art and my photography, and his creative side grows bigger everyday. Sorry, let me correct myself. We aren't talking about it, we are taking action on it. Making it happen. Now, to get past being stuck on a company name...

Here's some pics I took a few weeks ago at the resort we will be married at... in less than 4 weeks!!! We were practicing our professional skills on our friends who came to visit the resort with us. (aka, chasing them around with our cameras like a couple of paparazzi :)

Trial Run

Trial Run

Trial Run

I can totally see these as engagement photos, or wedding photos.

It's been fun, we've been hitting up outdoor events and acting like we were hired to be there. It's great practice and a chance for both of us to get comfortable with the idea that

Oh, one more piece of news. I am starting an etsy shop to sell prints of some of my photos! I've created my store, I'm getting my paypal account all linked up and then I will have to choose which pics to post first. I will probably put up about 10 to start.

I would love your feedback!!! What are your favourites of my photographs?? Check out my flickr stream through one of the pics above, or one of the slide shows on the right.

And my question for you today, what paths are you adapting?



S said...

Sorry to hear about the program, but it sounds like you have a great plan. Lovely photos and I wish you all the best in your new venture.

Cowgirl Red said...

Kat, I've missed you so much. I know you are busy with the wedding and all. You are very talented in you writing and your art. I'm looking forward to seeing how you evolve and grow in this new venture. Xoxo. Terah.

Creatively Sensitive said...

Hi lovelies! Thanks for the warm wishes. The one year certificate in visual arts is kind of awesome because if I don't jump to the graphic design program I can move into a Bachelor of Fine Arts program with a much more rockin' portfolio! Which means I have lots of options! :)

What's the biggest piece of news I've missed in your worlds the past couple of weeks?

Anonymous said...

Great photos!! Beautiful location and I love the way you catch the light. Rock on. :)

Cinderita said...

How on earth did I miss this?! Oh right. I was away! Fantastic! Awesome! super! Can't wait!!