Thursday, February 3, 2011

Thursday 13 - A keen eye

Last night, I sat down and read my first two posts from Sarah Robinson's 28 days to Getting Your S*** Together. In the second post, I was asked to distill myself down to one sentence. My core, or, my s***. I was able to narrow it down, though it was still floating in a couple of separate pieces. Ultimately, I am a creative problem solver. I am also an artist. And, I am sensitive and intuitive.

This morning, in the shower, where a lot of us do our best thinking it dawned on me. Perceptive. I am perceptive. It is the key to everything else. I can see the little details in art, and life. I can see where things fit best. I can see the potential connections, between people and people, or people and resources/solutions.

So, I'd like to share with you some lovely moments of joy from yesterday, that were made possible by my perceptiveness.

I've been feeling much better the past two days, and I went out for a lovely walk in a lovely neighbourhood. It was one of those walks that took longer, and was so much more precious, because of all the stops to marvel at the small wonders.

13 Pieces of Joy from my day yesterday:

1. I dropped my sweetie off at work yesterday. As I was heading back home the quick way, probably in a rush, I checked to see if it was clear to cross the intersection and got a glimpse of some crisp snow capped mountains. Plan change. Right hand turn, towards a slow drive along the water. Beautiful sunrise, almost the entire Coastal Mountain range in the distance, and sun glinting off the pieces of snow caps directly across the water

2. Then I came home and assembled the JOY photos into this lovely collage. So thankful for all the Joy photos that were submitted, as they brought me joy and they look so wonderful together.

3. Brene Brown. I finally watched her story sharing at TED. Wow. That's it. Just Wow. Watch it! Now :)

Here's her website, blog, and twitter.

4. A trip to the actual Bank was necessary. As I got into line, a woman came rumbling in behind me, and her cantankerous energy made me physically step away from her. I remembered Cinderita's story, opened my body language and smiled at her. As she was getting upset about the time, and the other stops that needed to be made, I smiled at the gentleman with her. She moved closer to the trash can and was trying to pull a clingy piece of thread from her sweater. I smiled at them both. They started chuckling about the desperate thread. Once it was successfully removed, the woman turned to me, with a big smile, and recounted a story of a play she saw when she was a little girl, and a skit where a piece of something relentless moves its way through the actors, and ends up back on the first person. JOY. I wasn't able to give them physical hugs. Though, I felt like what I had given them was the equivalent.

5. I went out for a walk. In the middle of the day, in the middle of the week. It was cold and bright and gorgeous. (ok, so cold here means O degrees celcius). I was feeling stressed about all the things I wasn't accomplishing in the day, and the walk was way more fun that.

6. I had company for my walk! A new friend I've inherited with the large pack that came with my sweetie. And her lovely dog. And her mom's dog. She is also doing Sarah Robinson's "28 days" and talking about it gave me a chance to learn some really awesome/admirable things about her. She lives very close, and we have another walk date planned!

7. Learning that the early cherry blossoms we see in February are actually plum blossoms! How cool is that!

8. The snowdrops are everywhere now :)

9. You can see little micro-bursts of green in many places, if you are open to seeing them.


10. Chickens photograph well


11.Dogs photograph well.

12. Pure maple butter on toast tastes like a maple glazed donut! Pure maple butter on toast, with cinnamon, tastes like a cinnamon bun! Amazing. (For someone like me, who's allergic to almost everything)

13. I climbed into bed last night, almost on time, all cozy and calm. Then I realized, with a heart full of hope and joy, that I had not yelled at anyone for the entire day! If you read back on what I've been dealing with the past couple of weeks, it will make sense :)

What little pieces of life, beauty, or joy did you notice in your travels yesterday or today?


Emily said...

Aw, I wish I could take a walk with you! Someday, lady, someday:) Joy has unexpectedly found me in so many ways this past week. Getting a good link and good talk from you;) Having a "phone date" with my son to watch Wipeout together. A trip to the art store. Flirting:) Lots of joy!

Yvonne said...

I loved reading this and I loved that sunrise shot! Breathtaking!

Jarhead said...

Hey Girl,
I've been catching up on your blog and am loving 'learning' about you from this angle... thanks for sharing!!!


Creatively Sensitive said...

@Emily - Sounds like a fabulous week. I love when Joy sneaks in when we're dealing with the opposite. Hang on to images of walks in Kansas and Mexico :)

@Yvonne - Thanks! It was a breathtaking view. Learned my lesson about taking my good camera with me everywhere

@Jarhead - Dude! Fancy seeing you here :) So cool.

Jodi said...

HEY... I have snowdrops coming out tooo!! they are so pretty.. I just saw your comment on my blog and was thinking maybe you, me and cinderita could do a little road trip and meet and do a photoshoot??? wouldnt that be cool? We could have a local blogger meet up.. whatcha say??

xoxo Jodi

Mary said...

Thank you for sharing your 13 pieces of joy. Especially liked seeing flowers are alive today as we still have from 2-4 feet of snow on the ground here.

Noel said...

I needed this today. Thank you. :)