Friday, February 11, 2011


Did I tell you that we felt an earthquake here this week? Just a little one, about 3.2 on the Richter Scale. Just enough to give you pause, and remind you that the solid ground beneath you is always shifting.

I've been shaking things up in my art this week too. Breaking out of some comfort zones. Now, I'm well aware of my penchant and passion for capturing on "film" grandiose, sweeping landscapes and super sharp, precise macros. Project 365 has been helping to kick me out of that box, pushing me to look for uniqueness at all angles, and I got an even bigger kick from Amelia this week, in my Experimental Art e-Course. We've been exploring the experimental edge of photography. Blurry shapes, shadows and more. I am so happy I was able to give way to this, because I've been getting great results.

Playing with less light.

35.365 40.365

Playing with editing
(Original here)
Whiter Shade of Pale

This next one is actually one of my favourites of all time, and will be making its way into my BFA application. Which I am working on this weekend!!



On the flip side, as I explore my way outside of my comfort zones, I've been finding and creating comfort as well. Another assignment I had this week, in an entirely different milieu, was to make a Comfort Box. Earthquake preparedness is part of the norm here, and students bring little comfort kits into their schools at the beginning of the year to be stored in earthquake bins in the school yard. This is kind of similar, except it's meant to bring you comfort and safety when you're feeling the unsteady ground emotionally. Plus I was able to decorate mine, and the items I chose to put in it are not only reminders of the love and support I'm blanketed in, they are also reminders of my growth.

I was really happy with how it turned out too. I was drawn to a sturdy tin, that smells like crayons inside. First I prettied up the outside. Then I added some broken crayons and blank card stock, and a mini iPod, and I plan to collage some messages into the lid and bottom. I've decided to keep my keys in it, so that I focus my attention on it every time I head out into the world from the comfort of home. And every time I return back to it as well.

This little project was also very timed. As you know, my sweetie is heading to Cuba for a week, and as much as I am overjoyed for him, I've been a little rattled. Nightmares like to sneak in and taunt me when they know that he's not tucked up beside me, my guardian. However, I am now feeling a little more settled and prepared, knowing that I armed with comfort.


Hmm... if only I could find a way to put this in there too. (My sweetie is almost always guaranteed a laugh, or at least a smile, from me when he does an imitation of one of our favourites) :o)


Cinderita said...

If you have a nightmare while they are all gallivanting in can call me.

deb duty said...

Love the red flower in the vase. Very pretty photo.

Emily said...

No way- my brother in law JUST showed me this exact video when he saw that I was slipping into a bit of a pity party- SO funny:) Glad your sweetie can make you laugh and provides so much comfort. You can get through the week because you are strong and resourceful! And your idea of a comfort box is incredible! Also, I'm loving the photography that has pushed you out of your comfort zone (though I'm still partial to "Sand Ladder";))

kaye said...

ooh, I love the gerber daisy and the lighting in the picture. Kaye—the road goes ever ever on

Creatively Sensitive said...

@Cinders - Thanks! Really? 4 in the morning? Ok. Well, if you're serious. I've decided to keep this video cued up on the computer before I go to bed, and if that and the Comfort Box aren't enough of a comfort... I'll be calling (Especially now that you've recently admitted you sleep with your phone ;)

@Deb - Thank you! It turned out better than I had intended. Once I able to let go of the need for a sharp photo I could let those edits go, opening my eyes to this softer one.

@Emily - Love you! Would you like a mini version of Sand Ladder to put in your very own Comfort Box? :) There's a couple of clips of dogs on AFV I will have to find for you that make me laugh so hard.

@Kaye - hmm, I wonder if you mean the red one with yellow light, or the orange turned white one?

Cowgirl Red said...

That video was so funny. I'm sitting here by myself laughing out loud! Pure joy! Terah

I have wanted to go to Cuba for years.

Creatively Sensitive said...

@Cowgirl - Yay! Joy!

Cuba huh, well... if you flew to Canada, like, say BC ;) Could you fly from here to Cuba?

Catherine... said...

Hi, Love that video, Like Terah, I'm laughing away but really quietly, my troupe are all still in bed sleeping...

Apparently there was a little earthquake in Royan last week...very rare here in France...

Cuba sounds interesting...

Noel said...

I love all the boundaries you are pushing and I LOVE the idea of a comfort box! We all need these, earthquake or no earthquake!

Anonymous said...

I've only ben conscious and felt like 2 earthquakes in my life. It's a weird feeling to actually feel one!

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