Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Closing Ceremony

Dear November,

I will miss you. Never did I think that would cross my mind.

You are usually such a dreary month. Full of rain, lost leaves, and lost colour. You are the signal that winter is coming, as well as the hectic month of holiday December. And then I joined this blogging world, and met your sister Art Every Day Month. She is inspiring and full of joy and creativity. And she has connected me to many new people, who could easily fit the same description. Though I have only known her for less than two weeks, she has made a beautiful impact on my art, and me. So now I am sad to see you both move on. I am looking forward to you next year.

Hello December... I am excited by the wonderful gifts you bring me. A month of reflecting and manifesting for the year gone by and the year to come. Another three weeks of challenging myself in the Art, Heart and Healing Course. Then... you will lead me to your neighbour January, who I am newly looking forward to as well, since, rumour has it, they have plenty of fun projects up their sleeve too. ;)

A little tribute to the last day today of Art Every Day Month...

I completed my containment collage today... protective border now in place <3

Super excited to show you this... Completed portrait/mixed media art journal page! :)

Very, very happy with it and my confidence has been boosted greatly. Thanks Tam!


Cinderita said...

You do go bravely don't you?

B @ Sweet Limes said...

Girl, this painting and the phrase that you chose to give her is amazing. What a great thought to follow you into the new year. Your portrait is beautiful.

Creatively Sensitive said...

Takes one to know one, Cinders ;)

B - did you see the three words hidden underneath her on the horizon? Click on the last pic to make it bigger...

Evelyn said...

Oh busy busy busy. Good stuff! Nov has been great, I enjoyed seeing so many people excited about art. Good luck for Dec - another great month!