Friday, April 15, 2011

Creativity comes in many forms...

Last night, I was at a presentation about Mixed Media Photography. It lit me on fire! This was meant for me! I left as soon as the speaker was finished, at the break, before the Q&A, because I was so excited I couldn't sit still! I needed to tap into my creativity.

As soon as I got home I took action and (finally) signed into the Dirty Footprints Studio's 21 Secrets: An Art Journal Playground. I picked my first mini-workshop (there are 21 to choose from, it really is like a playground!) and almost immediately got present to what stops me. I'm missing some key supplies. Now, this is great, because once you can identify what's getting in the way it becomes a concrete thing you can deal with. So, was this something I could just let go of? Nope. Tried that. Making do wasn't making results. Which means that it's time to come up with a concrete action plan. Proper art supplies is now officially in the budget. Clear that boulder off the road. If I'm taking on these amazing, creative avenues that are showing up as a possibility for me then I need to clear the way. I think I'm getting excited at the idea of facing more obstacles! Bring it, I've got a clearing crew :)

In the meantime, I would love to share with you an incredible local artist, Doug Gilbert, who specializes in Mixed Media/Fine Art Photography. And in sharing some of the work from one of his recent projects, I also get to share a little bit more about me. One of the creative outlets I've really been embracing the past few months is modeling. Check it out:

Now, wrap your head around the fact that these shots are compositions of two or more photographs. I was in a studio that was completely white! Inspiring!

All right, it's time for the Question of the Day! Inspired by the YouCube Art project that you too could get involved with :)

What stops You? A blank page, an inner critic?
And, can you see any new solutions now that you've identified this?

Hugs and heart,


Louise said...

Hey Kat
Nice to fnally know your name! The photos are fantastic - love the medieval theme.
And so glad you've joined 21 Secrets. I'm there and having a great time. You go get those supplies! x

S said...

Wow, that is wonderful. This post is exciting and passionate, and I can feel how inspired you are.

The photos are stunning. Truly stunning.


Emily said...

You're a princess! How pretty:):):)

Cowgirl Red said...

How utterly lovely! What stops me? Both inner critic and procrastination which is fear which is the blank page. I'm learning to power forward and silence my evil twin. xoxoxo Terah